OH 2020...

Wow. What a year. It has been difficult. It has been long. But I truly believe, it has also been a bit of a gift.

Throughout the year, we all have been forced to re-evaluate. To sit in it without many distractions. To remove the clutter. To contemplate. To prioritize. To pivot. To get creative. To dig deep. 

My husband continued to have to travel for work. It was tough. We don't have any family close by, and my kiddo's daycare had weeks of being closed, and no more after school programs.  I am very grateful that they remained as open as they did. I know many families had to really dive into the whole at-home, virtual learning world.

Because of all of this, I had less hours to offer my clients. And since many clients were unable to physically come into the studio, we began offering virtual sessions. As the pandemic carried on, I realized I had more of a responsibility to my clients then ever. I needed to hold a very special space for them. A space where they had a moment for themselves. A space where they were able to let go and breathe. A space where they were able to do something for themselves that felt good. I needed to do so much more than to just walk them through a workout. And to be able to do this, to be able to show up for all of the important people in my life, I needed to find the time and new ways to take care of myself. More on that in another blog...

Since I had less physical time  with all of my clients, I've had to get creative. I have been brainstorming ways to support each of you in feeling like your most vibrant selves. With that, I have been working on this new website. I will be providing more online workouts for our library. I am creating more detailed health coaching offerings. I will be providing occasional live Zoom classes and workshops. I will be providing more content, resources, and health hacks for you. I really look forward to putting together more Wellness Retreats throughout the year... fingers crossed, our retreat in April is looking like it will be a go!

This year has been filled with many twists and turns, but I am excited about the new direction it has led me on. Please share any thoughts, ideas, or concerns you may have. Please share our new website, our social media accounts, and our blogs with your friends, family, and co-workers. Start thinking about your health goals for the new year, share them with us, and let's create a plan!  

I cannot wait to viciously hug all of you!  - jill

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