Why do we all seem to perform better when someone is looking over our shoulder? I started ballet lessons when I was 4 years old- which led me into a professional dance career. I would say I have pretty good self-disciple. I would say I am pretty motivated. But when it comes to exercise and healthy eating, it is always so much easier to talk ourselves out of things, rather than into things.

I got on the treadmill this morning at 5AM. This is not something I love doing, but being a mom of an early rising 2 1/2 year old, it’s the only chance I get. I was running speed intervals and was pretty exhausted come mile 4. I almost stopped. But, I remembered that my Apple Watch was running my Strava app. I knew my Strava connections would be seeing my stats. And with that little bit of accountability- I ran even faster for another mile.
I know after the holidays we all are motivated to clean up our diets. That bit of extra bread and wine I consumed left me feeling less than awesome. So, I decided I would be removing all gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods from my diet for a couple of months (except for a fabulous glass of champagne on my birthday). How easy is it to have a nibble here and there of the things I have chosen not to eat. VERY EASY. So, I said my plan out loud to my husband- and to all of you. Again, accountability.
I know we all have new goals for ourselves in this brand new year. Shout them from the mountain tops! Get your friends, partners, family, and co-workers to join in. There are some awesome apps out there that connect you with your community- for both exercise and nutrition. At MANNA, we even have an app we personalize just for you. I comment, answer questions, send out alerts and notifications….. What ever you need to keep you motivated on on track. 
We also have a group elimination plan coming up, if you need the extra guidance and support. Feel free to reach out if you would like more information. 
So let’s go! Share your workouts, food swaps, and achievements you have @mannapilateshealth  We are stronger together! #strava #applewatch #motivation #mannapilatesandhealth #community

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