“I am a 75 year old male who has been exercising regularly for 50 years. The one thing I have neglected over those years is some core and flexibility work. Jill is an amazing instructor. She’s tough and pleasant at the same. She has improved my core strength, my golf game, my balance, and my flexibility. It’s never too late to begin a Pilates program and I guarantee you’ll enjoy your sessions with Jill.”


“Jill is an amazing Pilates instructor. I appreciate how Jill adapts each workout to match what is going in with my body that day. Jill’s skills range from making Pilates concepts approachable to beginners, to choreographing challenging advanced exercises. She is sensitive to the individual needs of her clients, including those recovering from injuries. Most of all, I have fun in our sessions, and never grow bored. In the three years I’ve trained with Jill, I’ve never had the same workout twice. I’ve experienced a lot of benefits from training with Jill, including improved posture and flexibility. One side effect I didn’t anticipate was that I would need to buy a new wardrobe as my body toned and I lost inches through my waist and hips!”


“To simply say it, Jill has made everyday life easier. Her extraordinary knowledge of body mechanics has improved my body function whether it is during a workout, a 3 hour gardening session, or completing any household chore. I always hear “pull your abs in deeper” and everything I now do I hear this as it is engrained whether it be doing weight training or playing games in the park. Since beginning Jill’s Pilates classes I haven’t had ANY back relapses. I was destined to being flat out 2-3 times a year with my chronic injury of herniated discs but can now live a much more comfortable life. I have taken over 4 inches off my entire body size and have never been so slim in my adult lift. As a guy that worked hard in the gym with weights I found doing various Pilates based classes like ‘Barre Conditioning’ with Jill I worked a 3 pound weight which gave me larger but leaner muscle strength than working a 60 pound weight working by myself in the weight room. Jill is the best instructor I have ever come across and this from a guy who played representative level rugby and was Special Forces Infantry soldier. Anyone who is lucky enough to take a class from her will experience extraordinary physical gains.”


awareness, precision and humor…

“Jill has an exceptional ability to observe bodies in motion and give precise, targeted instructions that create alignment and awareness. She has both the humor and energy to keep the workout fun while pushing you to new limits. There is no one like her. The bottom line: if you’re looking to develop grace, strength and real power, she’s the best teacher in the biz…”


“As a 60+ year old with a prior history of back surgery, pilates has been a very important tool for me to use to maintain and improve my overall posture, core strength and flexibility. I have used several instructors over the years but none has worked as hard to address my individual needs as Jill has. She makes our sessions fun, fast paced and productive. Jill took the time to learn about my history and what I wanted to achieve by doing pilates (mostly golf related) and she structures our sessions to help me reach my goals. She took the time to meet with my personal trainer to ensure that they were both working toward common goals and coordinating their efforts. This made a big difference in the effectiveness of all my training. Her enthusiasm and encouragement make me look forward to pushing the limits in each session as I know I will feel great afterwards. As she did with me, I am sure that Jill makes all of her clients feel like they are the most important part of her day and focuses all of her attention on helping them improve their health.”


“Because of Jill, I can still rock a bikini after two children, and I don’t have to pee every time I stand up. Her pre and post-natal pilates classes, barre, mat and reformer alike, helped me through (and more importantly helped me recover from) two childbirths. My son was breach and was born via emergency c-section, and Jill helped me safely and fully recover in warp speed. Two years later I successfully vbac’d with my daughter, which my doctor and several veteran nurses informed me was quite the feat given my small size and prior c-section. Through clenched teeth I replied, “it’s those damn pilates.” My pelvic floor and I are forever indebted to Jill.”


“NOT ALL PILATES INSTRUCTION IS THE SAME” I started pilates for the first time in 2010 with a very highly trained instructor at CAC, but when I could’t get into her class one day, I took Jill’s Class. That is when I discovered “not all pilates instruction is the same”!! Results in pilates, as in many other things in life, is most definitely in the details. Jill’s skillful and meticulous abilities has allowed her to master the intricacies of pilates instruction, her expertise is unmatched!! Jill’s outstanding technical skills, person commitment and dynamic personality far exceeds all expectations!!! My only fear is that she might someday leave the area and I might not be able to gain from all she has to offer!!”


“Jill’s instructions, professionalism and knowledge are all exceptional.

She provides truly serious workouts and pushes her students like she is training an Olympic hopeful. Her intensive sessions are absolutely no-nonsense with zero wasted time. They are simply amazing workouts.

Since starting to take Jill’s classes I feel stronger and healthier than I have in over 15 years and the results have carried over to everything I do including my running (my true exercise love). Yesterday I ran 10 miles with total ease; my normal daily run is 6 miles and I can thank Jill for how easy the increase in miles felt.

Before starting to work one-on-one with Jill I had some serious back problems and since my Pilates Personal Training sessions with her, I have had zero back pain. A much more economical approach than emergency room visits, pain pills and doctor’s visits!

I feel lucky to be able to work out with Jill’s guidance in both group and private classes and would recommend her to anyone.”