Nudge (plus a huge savings!)

Do you need a little nudge?

We all have them. They are on our to-do list. Our health goals. We will get to them once work calms down- after a certain holiday- after the kids get through some event- maybe in the Summer. Those goals keep getting pushed further down our list, waiting for the ideal time. Truth? There is no ideal time. Also, you don’t have to jump in 100%. You are more likely to fail trying to make all of the changes all at once. You are most likely to succeed when you take small steps. Once you have conquered those small steps, and they feel manageable, you can take bigger and bigger moves towards your ultimate goal. 

So, what is it you really want to work on? Is it to lose weight? Is it to eat incorporate more healthy, whole foods into your diet? Is it to sleep better? Manage stress? Get more exercise? Not sure where to start? Working with a health coach can help you figure that out. A health coach can work with you to develop a plan that works best for YOU. Having someone to talk through it with, to help you design a plan, to help you come up with a way to hold yourself accountable is key. We want you to feel your best. That's why Jill is offering a HUGE discount on a health coaching package: 1 health coaching session, plus 3 months of MY MANNA COACH. If you are not familiar with MY MANNA COACH, it is an app that we design specifically for YOU. We can track whatever you want: Water intake, exercise, sleep, stress management techniques, indulgences, servings of veggies, proteins, carbs, etc.…. anything! We can set up recurring notifications for anytime of day. Maybe you sit too much at work? We can set up reminders to stand up and move. Maybe you want to be reminded to stretch in the evening. Maybe you want a reminder to make a gratitude list in the morning. You choose! There is also a message center, so you can ask your coach any questions you may have along the way. You may also receive messages from your coach. These messages might offer some recommendation, some inspiration, recipes, research….. nudges ;)

You do not need to live locally. Jill is able to meet with you via video conference.


  • Health Coaching Session: $60

  • Monthly MY MANNA COACH subscription: $75/month (3 month contract)

That’s over $400 in savings! 

Here is an example of what your personalized app could look like: