Kick your metabolism into high gear in this popular barre class.  Through isometric exercises, your abs, buns, arms, and legs will all feel the burn.  This class will shape and elongate your muscles, while building muscular endurance. 

*Please inform instructor of any injuries, as modifications can be made.


Ground yourself in the essentials of STOTT PILATES, while heightening mind body awareness.  This series helps develop core strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility. Props are used to modify, challenge, and add variety for participants.

*Please inform instructor of any injuries, as modifications can be made.


This class utilizes traditional Pilates technique focusing on core strength, control and form. This class takes mat pilates to the next level by incorporating free weights, props, bands and stability balls to bring your mat repertoire to the next level. By doing this, we are able to challenge your body's capabilities and create a balanced foundation throughout.

*Please inform instructor of any injuries, as modifications can be made.


This invigorating workout introduces clients to the versatile Halo Trainer: an infinity-shaped frame paired with the Stability Ball™.  Halo redefines bodyweight training: using your own bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Class is high-energy and every muscle group targeted but we make sure to incorporate mind-body fundamentals to maintain that important connection while giving ourselves a break between challenging sets. 

*Not suitable for clients with injuries; indoor shoes required.

Restorative Pilates

Restorative Pilates concentrates on cultivating strength in the deep layers of muscles, that serve to support balance throughout the body.   This class will  help prevent injury and pain, as well as create more efficient movement patterns.  This rehabilitative approach is perfect for anyone who may be recovering from injury or surgery,  including those working on developing deeper strength throughout the body.

*Suitable for those with injury, those who may be pregnant, as well as beginners.

Restorative Yoga/Deep Stretch

Come relax and unwind with our restorative yoga flow. End your day with those deep breaths and stretches your body has been craving.

*Suitable for all levels and those with injuries.