STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor :: level 2

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Additional Training: Injury and special populations, pre and post natal, Pilates for golf, athletic conditioning. Oov Certified. Halo® Certified.

Jill began dancing at the age of four, so movement has always been at the center of her life. She studied dance on scholarship at Northern Illinois University; and after graduating with a BFA in Dance Performance, Jill went on to dance with companies in Chicago and Denver – performing in North America and Europe. She was invited to teach dance at Northern Illinois University and North Central College as well.

Teaching dance opened up new ways for Jill to study, explore and analyze movement. This allowed her a greater understanding of anatomy and body mechanics, so the move to teaching Pilates was a natural progression. Jill became a STOTT PILATES® certified instructor in 2007 and immediately began teaching at the certification center in Chicago. In 2009, she received her certification in Peyow Aqua Pilates.

Later that year, Jill packed her bags and moved to Denver. She quickly built a loyal clientele by working with a variety of clients ranging from individuals requiring rehabilitation to athletes. In 2013, Jill traveled to the Merrithew Health and Fitness headquarters in Toronto, and became a CORE™ Qualified Instructor. In 2016, she became a Halo Training® Qualified Instructor

Jill has studied the body and how to move it efficiently her entire life. By focusing on postural alignment, technique and quality of movement, she creates workouts that are safe, fun and challenging for her clients. Jill is passionate about helping her clients develop strength, flexibility, mobility, body awareness and more confidence in what they can do throughout their daily lives.

In 2017, wanting to help her clients live vibrantly in all aspects of their health, Jill enrolled in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, and was certified in 2018.

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STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor :: level 1

Additional Training: Injury and special populations

Jenna was a professional ballet dancer- having danced with the Suzanne Farrell Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Oregon Ballet Theater. Jenna knows first hand the affects that Pilates can have on the mind and physical body and has used it as a tool to stay in top physical shape as a dancer. Not only is Pilates a perfect way to stay in shape, it is a great way to rehab and heal after an injury or chronic misalignment. Jenna has struggled with multiple injuries throughout her seven years as a professional ballerina, and Pilates has never failed to get her back on her toes.

Jenna’s teaching style has a firm foundation in physical fitness with the added element and goal of gaining mobility and flexibility thought the body. She encourages a sense of self-exploration when working with clients. Jenna completed her STOTT Pilates Certification through Bodycenter Studios in Seattle WA, and is also a Certified Yoga Instructor. She is passionate about movement and the positive affects that it has on the body and mind. She believes that working out should not have to be torture, and that you should leave the studio feeling better than when you came in. Jenna loves working with all types of movers, and pays particular attention to modify and adjust exercises based on the clients' body and particular needs. Jenna strives to create a freeing space for clients to experience movement and self awareness.



PMA Certified Pilates Instructor
Polestar© Pilates Practitioner

Christina first discovered Pilates while at physical therapy recovering from 2 back surgeries. Her physical therapist at the time had a small amount of Pilates equipment, and though she never experienced Pilates during her physical therapy sessions, she was introduced to the importance of core control. Always keeping Pilates in the back of her mind, Christina completed her physical therapy and then continued to use swimming as her sole source of exercise due to some residual weakness in her right leg; traditional forms of exercise seemed almost impossible due to these symptoms. 3 years later, Christina was still frustrated with her exercise restrictions and finally decided to pursue Pilates. She noticed huge improvements in her strength and function after just a short time, and the rest is history! Christina’s love for Pilates led her to complete the Polestar Pilates teacher training program in 2017 and she is now focused on helping others who think they cannot accomplish their goals due to an injury.

In addition, Christina’s love for learning every aspect of Pilates and ways to help the body gain strength and mobility, led her to pursue her PMA certification in 2018. She also completed the Comprehensive Oov training and Postpartum Fitness training with a focus on the pelvic floor, prolapse and rectus diastasis.